New Exotic Chips Just Touch In!

New Exotic Snacks Now Available

Table Of Contents

  • Whats New?
  • Where They From?
  • Conclusion

Whats New?

These new items just arrived there the Lays Cheese Burger Max all the way from thailand and directly to us. Yes you heard right cheese burger flavor lays. What makes these chips different is that they are part of the "Max" line which in the "Max" line the potato chips are ridged and have more a crunch to every bite you take.

Where They From?

These Lays are shipped to us all the way from Thailand. Something about Thailand is that they really know how to make there lays. They come out with crazy flavors like Lays Lobster Roll and Lays Carbonara and Parmesan which we do have in stock as well.


Out of all the flavors that you have seen of lays i bet there has not been a flavor that has caught your attention just like this one this one is sure to be one of those that build a ton of curiosity. The good thing is that is not the only cool flavor that we have we have a lot of flavors to try.


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