Exotic Skittles

Exotic Skittles Are Better

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Exotic Skittles

Have you ever step foot inside a conviniece store or the gas station look around at the selection of candies and you cant seem to find any? Well i think that only happens to us across the world they take skittles to a whole different level from the size to even the flavors of the skittles themselves. There is skittle giants that are 3x bigger that the regular size skittles here in the states and there is also the skittles desserts that come with dessert flavors like choco orange cake and cherry cheesecake. Skittles from here are no match to the skittles from other countries. Thats why we make it our goal to source and ship them to here for you to be able to try.

Where Are They From?

Exotic skittles can be from different countries but the ones we have more success in finding and carrying will be the skittles from the United Kingdom. Skittles in the United Kingdom tend to come out with more newer flavors and bigger bags. As if they take there skittles really seriously. One thing is for sure is that skittles in the United Kingdom are the real deal and out beat the ones here in the USA.

Where can you try them?

We do not have the answers to everything but we definetly know how to answer that and that is easy! We have carry them, yes throught out all your searching they are available here. We always are working to get more and different types of skittles. So if you are wanting to try and see how different are they to the ones from here check them out in our website. I am sure you will be amazed of the difference between them. The only problem you will have is that you dint buy more!


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